Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Page boy - Runway to reality

Congrats to my wonderful hairdresser - Kelsey Lyons - who won top honors in the Redken NYC Hair Awards for her futuristic 'pageboy' cut (modeled by yours truly)!  Recently I participated as a model in the Dunedin hair show.  I've never been a 'model' for anything in my life, except, perhaps a perfect model of a giant dork, and don't think I have much of a future in it... but it was a really fun experience.  To be primped and wear cool outfits, and ultimately walking away with a sweet haircut.  Why not?

Although the hair professionals described it as a 'pageboy' cut, I think it more resembles a space helmet, no?

Sunday, 5 August 2012


The New Zealand International Film Festival is on right now in Dunedin and I've been lucky enough to see quite a few excellent films.  Every year we volunteer as ushers, which means we rip tickets for 15 minutes, then get to sit through movies - for free!  Everyone wins!
The festival opened with Moonrise Kingdom... things are a little slow to arrive in New Zealand.  It was, honestly, the best movie I've seen in a while.  Wes Anderson's highly stylized imagery always manages to stay fresh and interesting, despite being repetitive.  
Second was Beasts of the Southern Wild, a climate-change-apocalypse-esque story from the perspective of a sensitive orphan in a small community in Louisiana.  
Third was Ai Wei Wei, Never Sorry, a documentary about Chinese artist/activist Ai Wei Wei... if you've never heard of him, google immediately!  Profoundly beautiful and moving art made by a man who is so clearly passionate about his countrymen.  
Finally, there was Gentlemen Prefer Blondes featuring Marilyn Monroe's iconic "Diamonds are a girls best friend" number.  Such a spectacularly campy film, a vintage lovers paradise! My favourite part of ushering this film was the group of ladies in the audience who got dressed up in vintage ball gowns, gloves, and hats and sang along!  Best idea ever!

Catch these films if you can!


Saturday, 7 July 2012

Fashion/music icon - Grimes

I recently bought the new album 'Visions' by Grimes (aka Claire Boucher) and have had it on repeat for the past week.  I might be biased, since Claire Boucher is from my hometown of Vancouver, BC, but I am absolutely smitten with her music, style, and public personality.  Her music is a combination of spooky, dancey, and ultra modern.  Although it's totally pretentious, I think the genre 'post-internet' fits her new album perfectly.  Boucher grew up using the internet from an early age, making her sound reflect the "ADD" of this computer generation.  She also has killer style, and has even teamed up with a Montreal based jeweler to create her own line of rings:
The "Pussy rings" might be a bit out there, but they certainly make a statement!

Check her out!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Winter snaps

Winter is setting in, which means fewer and fewer outdoor activities, plenty of movie watching, sitting by the fire, and mulled wine!  Despite the cold, we had a jam packed weekend full of farmers market brunch, Flight of the Concords (third row... ahh!), polar dipping (jumping in the freezing cold ocean, in a costume, in winter.. for fun), and mid-winter lantern festival!

Anyways, thought I would post a few snaps from around town.  Happy winter weekend!

1 Gorgeous sunrise. 815 am....  makes it hard to get to the office before 930.
2 Farmers market now sells mostly apples... hello winter, so long stone fruit and berries.
3 Managed to sneak in some office time, this is the frog that guards the front door at zoology
4 Crepes for dinner!
5 Flight of the Conchords!!
Bowie's in Space - FOTC
7-9 Mid-winter lantern festival!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Winter inspiration - Barn Owls

Collection: Carlotte Taylor Fall/Winter 2012  
Bird: Barn Owl.  This amazing bird can find small rodents under layers of snow or in large fields of tall grass. How? Notice how their faces look circular. Those are 'facial discs', they act as giant radar dishes to guide sounds to the ear openings. They can even alter the shape of their facial discs at will.  Essentially, their entire face is an ear.  Amazing.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

One step forward, but still a step back for American Apparel

Hipster clothing giant American Apparel is no stranger to controversy.  The company is known for its misogynistic advertisement campaigns and CEO.  Their adds feature women, often of questionably young age, wearing near nothing in provocative poses.  It's not surprising that there are entire petitions and websites attempting to dismantle their objectification of women and disrespect of women's sexuality. 

However, in a promising move, American Apparel has teamed up with Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLADD) to release a new line of screen printed t-shirts, tanks, and undies to celebrate Pride month. Moreover, the advertising campaign for 2012 will feature the openly transgendered model Isis King (of ANTM fame).

I can totally appreciate how progressive this is.  Fostering homosexual and transgendered acceptance in the mass media is  nothing but positive!  The American Apparel art director states: "It's time for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, to accept each other and thrive in harmony" Amen! 

Here comes the "but".  The advertisement campaign STILL features semi-nude over-sexualized women models.

Come ON American Apparel.  This should be a campaign focused on equality of sexual orientation!  If you are so dedicated to equality, why are the women your advertising still objectified? Why does 'thriving in harmony' still involve cheapening women's sexuality?

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunday project

This Sunday I decided to finally put my old clothes up for sale.  They've been sitting in a neglected pile for ages.  So I wrangled them up, had a photo shoot and put them up for sale!  It was actually really fun, and hopefully will result in a bit of spending money.  Although I will likely spend the money on more clothes...

Here's the trade me site if you live in NZ: Shop away!

Here's some photo shoot out-takes (I'm no model, don't judge!):

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Snow day

It snowed here in Dunedin last night.  It is here. Our house is barely insulated, and in true New Zealand style, there is no central heating.  Sprinkle a bike ride to school on the frosty road... and all I feel like doing is crawling into my fleece sheets and duvet and not coming out until spring.  Instead I will take inspiration from this vintage inspired line by Maison Scotch in Amsterdam.  I especially like how the model is looking either extremely grouchy or sad in every photo.  I definitely had similar expressions when I picked my outfit this morning.  Happy snow day!