Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Snow day

It snowed here in Dunedin last night.  It is here. Our house is barely insulated, and in true New Zealand style, there is no central heating.  Sprinkle a bike ride to school on the frosty road... and all I feel like doing is crawling into my fleece sheets and duvet and not coming out until spring.  Instead I will take inspiration from this vintage inspired line by Maison Scotch in Amsterdam.  I especially like how the model is looking either extremely grouchy or sad in every photo.  I definitely had similar expressions when I picked my outfit this morning.  Happy snow day!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Feminine, but powerful

Some street style photos capturing modern women who exemplify femininity, but also strength and power.  These girls can walk the streets in a silk gown or fur stole, and still be the editor of a high-profile magazine... get down to business in ballerina skirts or floral day dresses... or wear gorgeous heels and still ride a bike! 

Photos from Sartorialist and Candice Lake

Monday, 4 June 2012

Mr. Darcy

This weekend I came down with a terrible flu, and it happens to be, not only very cold due to the impending winter, but also a long weekend here in New Zealand.  So everyone is off adventuring around, and I am stuck in bed, completely useless to the world.  So, what better to do that have a little alone time with Mr. Darcy?  I can't think of a better bedridden activity than watching 5 hours of BBC magic, Pride and Prejudice, staring Colin Firth in the English countryside.  I love everything about Pride and Prejudice: its stunning scenery of Elizabeth skipping around the English woods picking wildflowers, the glamorous balls thrown by Mr. Bingley, and did I mention Mr. Darcy?

...sigh.  But, I haven't mentioned what I like most about Pride and Prejudice!  I love stubborn headstrong Lizzie, I love how she breaks social norms of the time by refusing both Mr. Collins and Mr. Darcy's proposals (although, the latter of those is a little puzzling upon inspection of the fourth photo from the bottom), while remaining tasteful and respectable.  I think the message shines through, even for women in the 21st century, that we can be strong and demand that our needs be met, while still retaining our femininity.  Don't get me wrong, women can be feminists in any way they see fit, but it is comforting to know personally, as a  lady who likes all things lady-like, that I can be lady-like and powerful.