Saturday, 24 September 2011


Spent the past few days getting spoiled rotten in Wellington.  I've actually had a fair bit of work to do, so haven't been shopping/cafe visiting/museuming as much as I'd like.  But, here's a few photos from around town.  Hopped into Te Papa (NZ national museum) for a bit (mostly to see their collection of NZ vogue)  and have been hanging around my friend's house out in Eastbourne.  I can't help it, her house is a beautiful cottage 30 seconds from the beach!  Plus there's native bush in the back, so there are TONS of birds. PLUS she collects vintage stuff, like teacups and typewriters.
My friend's vintage teacup collection - and rad wallpaper! Too cute!
New DIY project - replace door handles with driftwood
Cutest house ever.
This is 30 seconds from where I'm staying. Note: beautiful sunny weather.
Field of Cala Lilies...  I know they're invasive... but so pretty...
Even the bus stops are beautiful
Tui everywhere!
Zebra print building - downtown Wellington
Cool statues
Here's my dress - which didn't work out too well in "Windy Wellington"
Maori statue, Te Papa
Apparently the Beatles visited NZ
Te Papa's NZ vogue collection, NZ vogue was only in print from 1957-1968
From the NZ Vogue spread entitled "the Unbeatable All-Blacks".  For those of you who don't follow rugby - the All-Blacks are New Zealand's rugby team.

More photos to come!  Heading into town for some non-research related fun today!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My bags are packed


I'm headed up north for a few weeks to meet with some collaborators in Wellington and Auckland, then out to the Mercury Islands for some field work!  I've had to pack for 2 weeks of city slicking around the 2 coolest cities in New Zealand... AND for a week of bird nerding out on an island in the middle of nowhere.  Needless to say, I don't have any cute little vintage trunks, like above, instead I have a big monstorous backpack with hiking boots tied to the side.  Also, sad to say, I'm not bringing a caged dove, or a hat box.  I know... I'm sorry, there was just no room in my backpack!

Anyways, I plan on taking full advantage of my trips to both cities by taking lots of cool photos, going shopping at lots of cool vintage shops, and eating lots of yummy food.  Oh and don't worry, I'll take plenty of photos of me in my hiking boots playing with seabirds out on the islands too!