Saturday, 7 July 2012

Fashion/music icon - Grimes

I recently bought the new album 'Visions' by Grimes (aka Claire Boucher) and have had it on repeat for the past week.  I might be biased, since Claire Boucher is from my hometown of Vancouver, BC, but I am absolutely smitten with her music, style, and public personality.  Her music is a combination of spooky, dancey, and ultra modern.  Although it's totally pretentious, I think the genre 'post-internet' fits her new album perfectly.  Boucher grew up using the internet from an early age, making her sound reflect the "ADD" of this computer generation.  She also has killer style, and has even teamed up with a Montreal based jeweler to create her own line of rings:
The "Pussy rings" might be a bit out there, but they certainly make a statement!

Check her out!