Saturday, 20 August 2011

Slutwalk style

Here's some of my favorite "slutwalk" appropriate apparel from the internet. 

The awesome "Ho" necklace is from esty... they have various other offensive necklaces.. including one with the "c" word on it, if you feel so inclined.  The awesome vintage bralette is also from etsy, likely a 70s burlesque costume.
The cute lil lacy shorts are from ruche and the suspender tights are from modcloth... two things I would actually consider incorporating into my wardrobe! 
The dominatrix leopard print heels are from asos.
And the boa is from your friendly neighborhood sex shop or halloween costume outlet.

Happy slutwalking!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Anita Ekber: empowered "slut"

So clearly I'm on a bit of a feminist tangent here, after the "slutwalk" last week and watching a wonderful movie the other day called "Miss Representation" which every lady (and man) should see, in my opinion.   Anyways,
... Anita Ekber is by far my favorite pin-up icon.  This headstong scandalous lady made a career (and an impressive one at that!) of being a sex symbol.
She is best known for her wild publicity stunts: my personal favorite was when she pre-arranged a photographer to record her dress "accidentally" bursting open in the lobby of a London hotel.
When Anita got her first contract with Universal Studios, she was asked by Howard Hughes to change her "teeth, nose and name".  Anita did none of these things and still went on to be one of the most iconic screen personages of the decade and cult sex symbols of all time. 

Iconic scene from Dolce Vita

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Slutwalk Dunedin

Last saturday I had the pleasure of participating in Dunedin's version of the 'Slutwalk'.  Despite the images that a word like 'Slutwalk' conjures, it is simply a march against rape culture.  It is a worldwide movement that stemmed from a Toronto police officers statement after rape attacks at York University in 2007:

"If you really want to know how not to get raped, don't dress like a slut".

Even typing that makes me shudder and makes my Canadian pride shrink a few notches.  The fact is that less than 10 percent of rapes happen between strangers, 90 percent happen between old partners, within family, or to children.  So, women's clothing has very little effect on their chances of being raped.  It's not women's clothing we should be victimising or blaming... it's the rapists.

There were so many awesome slogans and OUTFITS at the Slutwalk, my mind was blown!  Here's a few of my favorites:

(imagine these photos set to the chanting of: "Whatever we wear, wherever we go, yes means yes and no means no" and "Slut, Skank, Slag, or Ho, whatever you call me no means no!")

Consent is sexy!

"Men of quality support women's equality"
Is it strange that I kind of want these guys outfits? Probably.

Amazing outfit...
Another gem of an outfit!

Coco the protesting dog... adorable
Couldn't help but creep on this nylon/animal print Doc Matin combo!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Here's a preview of this week's social issue (combined with an excuse to play dress-up!):

Slutwalk Dunedin

Slutwalk Melbourne
Slutwalk Auckland
Slutwalk Delhi!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Snow Day Wardrobe...

Here's a wee collage I made of all wardrobe essentials for a snowday, if my budget were unlimited and the internet were my closet.

An assortment of cosy coats and slippers and pretty snowflake themed accessories makes any snowday complete!

The fur coat, snowflake earrings, vintage cardy and red boots are from etsy.

The SWEET feather tights are from modcloth.. which I can actually vouch for as being awesome, because I recently bought a pair!

The mongolian fur jacket is from Nasty Gal, the pom pom mittens (very cute, but completely impractical!) are from asos.

And the rest are up to you!

Happy snow day everyone!


Before I get started... must post some photos from the snowstorm that is happening right now in Dunedin.    I never dreamed I would get a snow day in New Zealand, the snow just seems so pitiful compared to Canada... but this antarctic weather low isn't lettin me down.  The hills are covered in snow and that means we're snuggled inside.  This calls for gum boots, wollies, hot chocolate and a fire in the fireplace!

the weather forecast wasn't kidding when is said "violent southerly gales"

Eskimo parka's and gum boots
It's REALLY snowing!

Snowman pal
Snowstorm requirement: lots n' lots of carbs... Oat Molasses Bread
My eskimo coat ALMOST matches the backyard shrubbery. Sweet. Totally planned that.
Anyone want a recipe for molasses bread?  It sounds strange, but it's really good... promise.  Especially if you make open face sandwiches with it in the oven.  It's like ...the savory version of a gingerbread cookie! Yes, like making a sandwich with 2 savory gingerbread cookies!  I'm not doing a very good job of selling this... just try it: Oatmeal Bread