Monday, 15 August 2011


Before I get started... must post some photos from the snowstorm that is happening right now in Dunedin.    I never dreamed I would get a snow day in New Zealand, the snow just seems so pitiful compared to Canada... but this antarctic weather low isn't lettin me down.  The hills are covered in snow and that means we're snuggled inside.  This calls for gum boots, wollies, hot chocolate and a fire in the fireplace!

the weather forecast wasn't kidding when is said "violent southerly gales"

Eskimo parka's and gum boots
It's REALLY snowing!

Snowman pal
Snowstorm requirement: lots n' lots of carbs... Oat Molasses Bread
My eskimo coat ALMOST matches the backyard shrubbery. Sweet. Totally planned that.
Anyone want a recipe for molasses bread?  It sounds strange, but it's really good... promise.  Especially if you make open face sandwiches with it in the oven.  It's like ...the savory version of a gingerbread cookie! Yes, like making a sandwich with 2 savory gingerbread cookies!  I'm not doing a very good job of selling this... just try it: Oatmeal Bread

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