Thursday, 18 August 2011

Slutwalk Dunedin

Last saturday I had the pleasure of participating in Dunedin's version of the 'Slutwalk'.  Despite the images that a word like 'Slutwalk' conjures, it is simply a march against rape culture.  It is a worldwide movement that stemmed from a Toronto police officers statement after rape attacks at York University in 2007:

"If you really want to know how not to get raped, don't dress like a slut".

Even typing that makes me shudder and makes my Canadian pride shrink a few notches.  The fact is that less than 10 percent of rapes happen between strangers, 90 percent happen between old partners, within family, or to children.  So, women's clothing has very little effect on their chances of being raped.  It's not women's clothing we should be victimising or blaming... it's the rapists.

There were so many awesome slogans and OUTFITS at the Slutwalk, my mind was blown!  Here's a few of my favorites:

(imagine these photos set to the chanting of: "Whatever we wear, wherever we go, yes means yes and no means no" and "Slut, Skank, Slag, or Ho, whatever you call me no means no!")

Consent is sexy!

"Men of quality support women's equality"
Is it strange that I kind of want these guys outfits? Probably.

Amazing outfit...
Another gem of an outfit!

Coco the protesting dog... adorable
Couldn't help but creep on this nylon/animal print Doc Matin combo!

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