Thursday, 8 September 2011

Spring wardrobe picture fail

So, spring is finally starting to poke its sunny little head over to Dunedin.  I've been so excited this week that I've dusted off some of my favorite spring dresses... heck.. one time I even didn't wear a coat! My body felt strange without all that fabric on it.  Anyways, moral of this story is that I thought I would take the opportunity to wear cute outfits and document them... like a real fashion blog.
However, I come to find out this is much harder than it looks.  I thought that if I set my camera timer up and ran in front of it doing something fashion blog pose-ey that it would look cool.  Instead I either look like a hunchback or else 15% of my body is actually in the picture.  Exhibit A
Look on the brightside, you get to check out my giant bowl of apples...
Exhibit B:
I call this 'the awkward twirling hunchback'
And finally:
Not only do I look albino, but when I showed it to my boyfriend he collapsed in laughter and said it looked like I had "brushed my hair with a chicken wing".  It's called having a SHOWER in the morning people! YEESH.
So then I got bored and started taking pictures of a spider trying to eat a giant fly outside my house:

Well, spring photo shoot failed miserably... Clearly I need a weeeeeeee bit more practice.  Either that or this will become a blog about the diet of spiders.

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  1. I like the self portrait attempts – the only times I've tried to take pictures of what I'm wearing, I've made martin do it for me... which I think is how some of those fashionable bloggers do it (or maybe they hire someone? who knows!)
    I just saw this today too, about self-portraits but not so much about seeing the clothing in self-portraits.
    But I mean, that last one is kind of like these
    from Seesun which are amazing...