Friday, 21 October 2011

A cheerful collection, for cheering up

Just came upon this gem of a designer 'Nadinoo' on the blog Fancy Fine. Not only do I love Ashley's post (frankly, playing vintage dress up before a night of kareoke with these two is my idea of a dream date), I LOVE Nadinoo's clothes.  I love the pastel colors, giant bows, and sailor collars.  The cute vintage inspired prints of sailboats and airplanes are exquisite... not to mention the 'bird a day print'.  This one just sent me over the top.  An ornithological themed dress?! Marry me?
Also, online, Nadinoo made up three fictional characters who go on made-up adventures in their clothes.  Super adorable.  And one last added bonus, all of Nadinoo's garments are hand made in England.  It's always nice to know where your clothes were made and who made them. Check it out: Nadinoo

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