Monday, 6 February 2012

3 months absence... shameful!

Can't believe I haven't had time to sit down and write anything for 3 whole months!  It's been a jam packed new year!   I was up in northern New Zealand counting seabirds on some isolated islands, then I spent christmas with some good friends in Australia, then I spent the past month frantically preparing for a conference in Hawaii... which I am headed to as we speak (literally, I am at the airport with a ridiculous 12 hour layover in Sydney).  Thought I would write a quick update, brought to you from right next to the Sumo Salad and a magazine stand.  Nothing but excitement here!

So I give you 'a frantically busy 3 months in the life of a seabird biologist' - a photo diary. Enjoy.

1) Surprise beach camp-out 30th birthday party for the bf featuring: rock climbing, frisbee, camping in caves, bonfires, smores, lots of music, fire dancing, and a crap-load of fun!

2) Mapping seabird colonies on remote islands a few hours offshore of northern New Zealand (read: no showers, tents, 12 hours of hiking a day, rain, wind, mosquitos.... but a whole lot of seabirds and beautiful scenery!)

3) Trip to Australia to visit friends for Christmas.  Koalas, kangaroos, mango daiquiries, beaches, shopping, and of course: birds!
Amazing vintage shopping in Newtown
The Blue Mountains
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
 Best 16 dollars I have EVER spent!
NYE walk in the grass
Marijuana museum in Nimbin
The kangaroos were completely uninterested in my kind snack offering
Aboriginal rock carvings
Rock Wallaby

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