Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Page boy - Runway to reality

Congrats to my wonderful hairdresser - Kelsey Lyons - who won top honors in the Redken NYC Hair Awards for her futuristic 'pageboy' cut (modeled by yours truly)!  Recently I participated as a model in the Dunedin hair show.  I've never been a 'model' for anything in my life, except, perhaps a perfect model of a giant dork, and don't think I have much of a future in it... but it was a really fun experience.  To be primped and wear cool outfits, and ultimately walking away with a sweet haircut.  Why not?

Although the hair professionals described it as a 'pageboy' cut, I think it more resembles a space helmet, no?


  1. OMG you look so hot! Sexy model!!!!! How does the hair hold up when it's not styled? The thought of having to wake up early to style my hair is too much to bear.

  2. haha, thanks gurl. It's not so bad actually. This photo took about 500003293857 hair products to produce, but just styled normally it looks fine too. Not quite as space-aged. I did have to buy a blow-dryer though! I'm a big girl now!