Saturday, 27 August 2011

Amazing look good/feel good shoes!

Found these sweet puppies on the internet today:

These rad sneekers are made by Russy Valenki , a russian shoe line.  Their description on the info section of their facebook page warms my little heart:
Summer boots of the RUSSY line are ..made of original Pavloposad shawl which can be tied around the leg in any way. Unfolded, this footwear resembles huge, beautiful wings of the fairytale bird Alkonost, which has become the symbol of the RUSSY line. In ancient Russian legends Alkonost is a creature with the head of a beautiful maiden and the body of a bird of paradise, bringing a sensation of happiness to everyone who hears its songs. The legend about Alkonost is a great example of Russian cultural heritage, known for its festive accessories, expensive materials and bright colours. 

ADORABLE.  But, to make it even BETTER they are made from recycled Pavloposad shawls, which the company buys at local vintage markets.  Don't know what a Pavloposad shawl is? Well get with it, they are shawls from the city of Pavlovskii Posad given to brides on their wedding day around the 1860s, as future family heirlooms. DUH. Jk, I googled that bigtime.  Like their namesake (Pavloposad shawl) Russy intends for these shoes to be 'cherished heirlooms'.  Again: adorable.

Also, if you go to their website they have this amazing interactive shoe wheel where you scroll through all the different shoe/shawl patterns at high speeds.  It makes you dizzy in the best way possible. Check it out: Russy Valenki

Recycled and beautiful, what more could a girl ask for?

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