Sunday, 28 August 2011

Green thumb

On a beautiful spring sunday afternoon what better to do than work on the garden?!  We're trying to expand our vege garden this year from a sad little 1m by 1m plot growing mint, beets, and other plants that grow like weeds no matter how much you neglect them, to a lush impressive garden that will keep us stocked with fresh veges throughout the summer.
What my imaginary vege garden looks like
What my actual vege garden looks like...
The problem is, I have a serious love hate relationship with gardening.  I love the idea of secret gardens, growing my own food sustainably, fresh veges, having a green thumb, and trudging around in gum boots and floppy hats.  But then there's the flip side: plants have painful thorns, there's creepy crawlies, and ferlizer smells like... stinky fertilizer.  But, with a little persistance, the end product of a nice garden is well worth it.

The whole aesthetic around gardens is so magical and features widely in high fashion photo shoots:

And on the runway:
Jean-Paul Gaultier

Project runway
Christian Dior

 But come on... give these ladies a shovel and some topsoil and get back to me.

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