Sunday, 28 August 2011

Garden photo shoot

It's spring in Dunedin folks (knock on wood), or at least it was this afternoon.  The beautiful cloudless sky and warm sunny day motivated us to get out and do some gardening.  After digging up a bunch of stinky composted soil and making a new plant bed, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to dust off an old spring dress and have a garden photo shoot!
Pink toes, snakeskin sandles, cabbage, and spinach
Note: this dress is not appropriate for actual gardening
Garden party dress close up

I got this dress years ago at a store in Vancouver called Preloved.  It was one of my favorite shops, they made beautiful new garments out of recycled fabrics.  This dress is actually an old sheet with mesh sewn on top.  Anyways, Preloved closed many years ago and it was a pretty sad loss... except I just discovered that they are online! Check it out: Preloved
The jewellery is thrifted.  The cute lil snakeskin shoes are also thrifted, they were from a vintage shop that got demolished by the Christchurch earthquake.  It was a wonderful shop (and a wonderful city in general!), you can follow them on facebook while they try to rebuild.

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