Saturday, 3 September 2011

Green Thumb? Green Shoes!

From top:
40's wedges from Messenger Vintage
"Forest Pump" by Jeffery Campbell at ModCloth
Suede wedges from asos
Sweet as cowboy boots from Charlottes Reign
Moroccan sandals on etsy
Emerald green 70s wedges from Secret Lake

The bottom pair of vegan-suede booties (by Kailia) are green not only in colour, but also in production:

Their shoes are eco-friendly (use lots of recycled products) and cruelty free (that's towards both animals and people). Plus they use water-based glues and polyurethane soles rather than vinyl and PVC,  veg dyed linings, and organic linen/cotton.  Their website is definetely worth a browse, lots of cute stuff and cool company philosphies.

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