Friday, 16 September 2011

Happy friday... now that I discovered this gem

A friend recently sent me this video by Kimbra:
That dress?  Those suits?!  ... so consequently I have fallen deeply in love with this lady.  She's a kiwi, her music is awesome, her videos are unreal, and her style makes me want to burn all of my clothes:

What a perfect friday discovery!


  1. Jeyjj finally i had time to sit down and look at you blog and i do have to say i like it alot !! Going to my favorite list :) Ohh and i love Kimbra´s style aswell specially the pink dress i think i need to have that one !! :) All the best Rakel Blom.

  2. Thanks Rakel... you'll have to send me some pics of your recycled sweater project. I loved it!! I think it would make a great post!

  3. Thanks will do as soon as i get all of them back i will take pic and send them to you made some other stuff aswell from recycled garment :)