Saturday, 17 September 2011

New goodies

Just got a nice little package in the mail from a vintage shop on etsy.  I really like the sheer volume of cool old vintage clothes this shop has to offer.  Everything you could ever want: 70s pantsuit onsie? no problem! arctic fox fur stole? you bet! Check it out: Fashionista NV

"Vintage clothing is not only an obsession for many but also an eco-friendly way to shop and help cut down on sweatshops" - Fashionista NV.  Amen.

Anyways, I opted to buy a detachable pearl collar.  It arrived packaged in a drier sheet, which made the entire package smell like a boquet of flowers.  What a lovely touch.

I'm even getting a teeny bit better at taking self-portraits.  Teeny.
Also, in unrelated news, my shoes match the old cupboards from the 70s in my office:
I'm not sure how I feel about that.

But anyways, check out Fashionista NV on etsy.

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